Daisy Field Farm
About Daisy Field Farm...

Daisy Field Farm is a family owned horse farm near White Haven, PA in the Western Pocono Mountains. It is a private farm and wildlife preserve where two generations of our family have grown up. At Daisy Field Farm you'll find horses, farm animals and abundant wildlife. We offer horseback riding, trail rides and other activities by appointment only. You'll enjoy fresh mountain air and beautiful scenery during your stay at Daisy Field Farm. We don’t allow hunting on our property so the animals are trusting of us and our horses. You can see wild deer, turkeys and other animals close up during your ride. Our rides are perfect for people of all ages and horseback riding abilities. All rides are accompanied by friendly, experienced trail guides. For the less adventurous, horse drawn wagon rides are also available. See below for details of available activities at Daisy Field Farm.


Family Trail Rides

A trail riding experience the whole family can share. Parents and older children each ride their own horse. Little kids and adults who prefer an easier ride accompany the group in a horse cart or carriage. All rides are supervised by experienced guides.

The Pony Trail

Ideal for children 4 through 10 years of age. A real trail riding experience. Ponies are hand led by experienced guides. A 15 minute or longer trail through field and forest. It’s not a typical round the ring pony ride .

Other Farm Attractions

There are free picnicking facilities for our customers as well as a visit with the farm animals.


Trailride at Daisy Field Farm

The Nature Trips

A horse drawn wagon takes your group to the edge of an adjoining wildlife preserve. You will almost certainly see numerous deer and other animals up close. Your driver is also a wildlife expert and bird watcher.






We welcome visitors especially families to our family farm.

It is a private homestead, so you must call for an appointment and directions.

Hope to meet your family soon!



Daisy Field Farm

White Haven, Pennsylvania
For an Appointment & Information Call (570) 839-0925